Geriatric Exams

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In House Laboratory

Our fully equipped, in-house laboratory gives us the ability to provide the level of service your pet deserves.

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Walk-Ins Welcome

Whether you have a pet emergency or are driving by and want to see if you can get an appointment - we welcome walk-ins!

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Drop-Off Services

If you won’t be able to drop off your pet at the time of your scheduled appointment you are welcome to drop them off before work and pick them up after.

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Trustworthy Professionals

At Barlow Trail Animal Hospital we are a close-knit team that remember and care about each pet and owner that come through our doors.

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Superior Care For Your Aging Pets

Did you know that signs of aging in animals can begin as early as 6 years of age? Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the aging process; our animals get older just like we do, but we can help to make the process easier and more comfortable for both you and your pet. Our goal is to improve the quality of the time your pets have left. Twice-yearly exams are highly recommended for senior pets. These exams include the regular health examination as well as laboratory testing which will help us to catch (or delay) any onset (or progression) of disease as well as any health problems like osteoarthritis, organ failure, etc.

Bring In Your Pet For a Geriatric Exam

Your pet has been your friend and companion. By sharing life and love with you, they have given you a priceless gift. Now that your pet has earned senior status, you have the opportunity to give something in return. Bring your aging pets into Barlow Trail Animal Hospital for specialized and devoted care that can make the golden years a little better.

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  • Nutrition
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  • Supplements
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  • Radiographs
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  • Dental Care
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  • Laboratory Testing
    • Blood Testing
    • Urine Testing
    • Fecal Testing
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  • Quality of Life Assessment



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