Barlow Trail Animal Hospital

We are a privately owned and full-service animal hospital located in South East Calgary, and handle everything from spaying and neutering, to pet vaccinations and surgeries. Get to know more about our team, and book your appointment today!

Meet our Veterinarians

Image of Dr. Khaira

Dr. Tejinder Khaira, DVM

Dr. Khaira has been practising veterinary medicine in Alberta for over 15 years. Throughout his career, he has continuously taken courses to improve his skills and familiarize himself with the latest surgical developments, especially in the area of orthopedics. Dr Khaira has been performing Luxating Patellas and routine Cruciate Ligament Repair for quite some time. Recently, he has gotten certified in Advanced Orthopedics for TPLO and TTA (advanced Cruciate Ligament Repairs) as well as fracture repairs. When not at the clinic, Dr. Khaira can be found spending time with family and exploring spirituality.

Image of Dr. Dev

Dr. Dev Gun-putrao, DVM

Dr. Dev completed his formal veterinary education at the University of Liverpool in 2005. In 2006, Dr.Dev completed his training in Modern Western Veterinary Acupuncture and begain using natural complimentary medicines and techniques in combination with prescription therapeutics. He enjoys performing soft tissue surgery and solving challenging medical cases, but his real passion is helping animals that are suffering day to day with chronic pain. Dr. Dev also enjoys working with rabbits, pocket-pets, chickens and ducks. In fact, he misses seeing pet rat patients now that hes located in Alberta! As a veterinarian, Dr. Dev has been featured on television and radio, written magazine columns, and also adjudicated dog shows. He lives with his wife, two sons, two rescue cats, and two fish.



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