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In House Laboratory

Our fully equipped, in-house laboratory gives us the ability to provide the level of service your pet deserves.

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Walk-Ins Welcome

Whether you have a pet emergency or are driving by and want to see if you can get an appointment - we welcome walk-ins!

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Drop-Off Services

If you won’t be able to drop off your pet at the time of your scheduled appointment you are welcome to drop them off before work and pick them up after.

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Trustworthy Professionals

At Barlow Trail Animal Hospital we are a close-knit team that remember and care about each pet and owner that come through our doors.

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Professional Dental Cleanings, Assessments and Radiographs

Would you let years go by between visits to the dentist? Probably not — your pet’s dental health is just as important! In addition, to ensure the optimal dental health for your pet, proper dental care should begin as early as possible.

Specifically, there are two critical components of your pet’s veterinary dental care, both of which we help to provide: oral examinations and teeth cleaning/full mouth radiographs. Through a combination of both of these examinations, we do our best to improve your pets dental hygiene!

Bring In Your Pet For Dental Work

During a basic dental examination, your pet will remain awake, but the AAHA Dental Care Guidelines recommend comprehensive oral exams and dental cleanings to be administered to pets under a short-lasting, general anesthetic.

During a teeth cleaning, one of our expert veterinary technologists will scale your pet’s teeth to remove plaque and tartar. We also use advanced digital dental X-rays to obtain a better diagnosis and to get a better look at the teeth roots. If our veterinarians find any issues during the examination, we may need to extract the unnecessary or problematic tooth.

Finally, a veterinary technologist will polish the teeth and wake up your pet. Once the appointment is complete, we continue to monitor your pet to ensure their safety.

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  • Dental Consultation
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  • Pre-Anesthesia Blood Work
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  • Sedation & General Anesthetic
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  • Dental Scaling & Polishing
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  • Digital Dental X-Rays
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  • Oral Health Exam
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  • Teeth Extraction



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