Pre & Post Spay/Neuter

Recommended Instructions Pre & Post Spay/Neuter

Undergoing a spay/neuter procedure can be traumatic for your pet. For pet owners, following the instructions given below before and after the procedure will help ensure optimal results.

Before Getting Your Pet Spayed/Neutered

  • Give your vet thorough medical information about your pet, including medications your pet takes, even if it is not directly related to the procedure.
  • Create a relaxing environment for your pet before the procedure. You can do this by creating a “relaxing room” or a section of your home they can rest before and after the procedure.
  • Make sure your pet is in a proper carrier when they arrive at the animal hospital.
  • Follow any specific instructions that your vet has provided for your pet.

After Getting Your Pet Spayed/Neutered

After your pet has gone through a spay and neuter procedure, they might not be as cheerful or energetic as beforehand. We recommend following the below steps to ensure the speediest recovery for your pet.

  • Make sure that your pets – especially dogs – do not do any strenuous activity for about a week. That means no running, playing, swimming or jumping.
  • Keep them indoors for as long as possible. If they go outside, they could get dirty, and that can infect the wound. You have to keep them as clean as possible. If they have to go out, keep them close and don’t let them run wild.
  • Check the incision three times a day – morning, during the day and before bed. If you notice any drainage, please call an animal hospital immediately for help. Redness and swelling are normal and should subside within a week.
  • If your pet is scratching or chewing the incision, you have to put a collar on them. They risk getting infected if they are left to scratch it.
  • Make sure you feed them only healthy food. Do not give them junk food as it can make the recovery a little harder. They should start eating roughly 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Diarrhea or vomiting are not normal, and if they occur, you should take your pet to an animal hospital immediately.
  • Schedule a post-procedure examination about 10 days after the treatment. The vet will be able to assess the healing and see how your pet is managing in terms of recovering.

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