4 Signs Your Cat Is Sick

4 Signs Your Cat Is Sick

Has your cat been a little ‘off’ lately? Do they not seem like themselves? Without you knowing, your cat could be sick. Cats are excellent at hiding their symptoms, so it may be difficult to tell. This means its your responsibility you to keep an eye out for signs that indicate your cat may be sick and needs to be taken to a veterinarian.

Sign 1: Hiding & Lethargy

This sign can be a tricky one to decipher because cats are great at hiding – and they do it for fun – but if they disappear for long stretches, and seem lethargic when you find them, they could be sick. Cats protect themselves by hiding when they are ill, so keep an eye on them if they are playing hide-n-seek for longer than expected.

Sign 2: Losing Weight Quickly

If you have a clubby cat and notice they are losing weight and not eating as much as usual, they could be a little sick. If you have a skinny cat, this might be a little hard to determine, so keep out an eye for their eating habits. Regardless, if your cat is dropping weight quickly, they might be suffering from something serious.

Sign 3: Vomiting Non-Stop

One of the clearest signs that your cat is sick is when they don’t stop vomiting. While your cat might vomit now and then (especially when they have a hairball), they should not be vomiting around the clock. If they are, don’t wait around, take them to your closest Calgary vet.

Sign 4: Non-Stop Diarrhea

Just like the vomiting point above, if your cat is dropping poop all over the house, and it looks diuretic, it might be just more than some food intolerances. Your cat might be suffering from some severe gastro problems, which need to be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.

See The Vet

If any of these signs become apparent, please do not waste time: take them to an animal hospital.

Think your cat may be sick? We here at Barlow Trail Animal Hospital are more then happy to help! We've been providing the highest quality veterinary services to Calgarians since 2017, and are here when your little ones need us. Contact us today at 587-393-8387 to request an appointment.



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