Our Team

Who We Are

Our mission is to provide personalized, friendly and compassionate care to our patients to ensure they stay healthy and happy.  We place great emphasis on preventive medicine, client communication and client education. We strive to answer all your questions about your pets healthcare needs. We understand and appreciate that your pet is a member of the family and deserves highly skilled, yet gentle, care of the same standard as human medicine.


All of our staff have special training and education to help provide the best care possible for your pets. We’ve dedicated ourselves to provide an clinic environment that leaves you and your pet feeling cared for and supported.

Our Team

Dr. Tejinder Khaira, DVM

Dr. Khaira has been practicing veterinary medicine in Alberta for over 15 years. Throughout his career, he has continuously taken courses to improve his skills and to familiarize himself with the latest surgical developments, especially in the area of orthopedics.

Dr. Khaira has been performing Luxating Patellas and routine Cruciate Ligament Repair for quite some time now. Recently he has gotten Certified in Advanced Orthopedics for TPLO and TTA (advanced Cruciate Ligament Repairs) as well as fracture repairs.

When Dr. Khaira is not working can be found spending time with his family and exploring spirituality.

Dr. Sheri Sekhon, DVM

Dr. Sekhon was born and raised in Calgary. She had wanted to work in veterinary medicine since childhood and made that dream a reality when she graduated from St. George's University in 2019.

Although currently practicing on dogs and cats, Dr. Sheri is hoping to eventually extend her practice to exotic animals as well. She remembers what it was like to have guinea pigs as a child and how much it would mean to her to have a veterinarian she trusted to provide care for her tiny furry friend.

At home Dr. Sheri has 3 dogs, Rosco, Roxy and Winston. When she isn't busy taking care of your fuzzy family members Dr. Sheri spends her spare time watching movies, playing video games, reading and dabbling in arts and crafts.

Tamra Rout RVT
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Hospital Manager

Born in Calgary, Tamra has always had a love for animals. As a child she would bring home half dead wildlife to nurse back to health and has been contributing to her passion ever since.

Working in the veterinary industry since 2005, she graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at Olds College in 2011. Tamra began managing Barlow Trail Animal Hospital in early 2019. With a special passion for dentistry and anesthesia, she focuses the majority of her continuing education on these topics to help provide the best care for your pets.

When Tamra isn’t at the clinic you can usually find her at the gym, or spending time with her husband and two daughters. At home Tamra has a pitbull (Olive), a french bulldog (Sir Spudwick VonHammer aka. “Spud”), 2 cats (Haru and Chili), a chinchilla (Yori) a ball python (Loki) as well as a number of fish and aquatic snails. All of which keep her VERY busy.

Paige Engleman
Tech Assistant

Paige was both born and raised in Calgary. She completed the VTOA (Veterinary Technologist Office Assistant) program at Robertson College in 2014 and promptly found herself working in the pet care industry. Before joining Barlow Trail Animal Hospital in spring 2019, Paige was caring for the dogs boarding at Chasin’ Tails.

At home Paige has two cats (Xena and Loki) as well as a beagle named Marley. Paige likes to spend her days off watching TV and spending time with her fiance, Jesse. She also enjoys travelling to BC and hosting game nights.

In the future, Paige hopes to go back to school to become a veterinary technologist to follow in the foot steps of her mentor and hero, Tamra.

Cassie Checkley

Cassie was born in Guelph, Ontario and moved to Strathmore in 2006. From a young age Cassie had an interest in becoming involved in the veterinary care industry. She began her foothold in the pet care industry by working at breeding barns, training horses and caring for boarded dogs.

In early 2020, Cassie joined the veterinary industry in early 2020 and started at Barlow Trail Animal Hospital shortly after.

When Cassie is not working at the clinic you can find her on trail rides, playing with her dogs and hanging out with her family.

At home Cassie has 7 dogs; Myah and Monroe (pitbulls), Groot (doberman/coonhound), Dozer (aussie/heeler), Hera (cane corso), Odin (pitbull/cane corso/sharpei) and Freya (staffy). She also has 3 horses; Theo, Renegade and Joe.

In the future, Cassie hopes to attend college to become a veterinary technologist and work in a mixed animal practice with both large and small animals.